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Technologies for waste water treatment


Key Reactions:
Oxidation/ Reduction
Hydro Cavitation
Sweep Coagulation
Charge Neutralization
Floatation (Air Assisted Buoyancy) 

Removes COD by 70 – 80% in a single step.
BOD is also reduced proportionally.
Treated water meets discharge standards of CPCB.
Coagulates suspended solids & floats on the surface which further scrapped and collected in sludge tank. 
Oxidizes organics and reduce soluble, suspended COD. 
Destroys pathogens. 


Advanced Nano Oxidation Technology

Advanced Nano Oxidation Process (ANOT®) refers to increasing the reaction of formulated oxidant + contaminants + catalysts in effluents. Compels to react via free radical path to perform and is effectively used to decompose organic and many hazardous chemical compounds to acceptable levels, producing least sludge which requires handling and proper disposal. 

Hydroxyl radicals are extremely reactive: react on pathogens/ germs/ bacterial contaminated media by two ways; they first kill these by an oxidative degradation reaction (ODR). Secondly they blow up / blast the dead biomass (beyond reproduction levels) converting to water and oxygen. Hydroxyl radicals are oxidation substance – they attack any particle in their surrounding in order to stabilize their unpaired electron pattern. Hydroxyl radicals are capable of breaking double bonds (C=C, N=N) and degrade hydrocarbons. Hydroxyl radicals break the double bond that form fatty acids, chains which create FOG (FAT OIL AND GREASE) decrease capacity. While odor control is often of primary concern, these hydroxyl radicals are effective methods of preventing grease build up.



Aquarian uses aerobic and anaerobic process to treat sewage. The anaerobic process ensures elimination of biological contamination. Biogas formed in the anaerobic tank can be captured and enriched for use. Aquarian uses less energy compared to other aerobic processes for sewage treatment. It does not release any odor. The sludge generation is very low as the anaerobic chamber will digest the sludge. Sludge can be removed every 15 days. The treated water will meet discharge standards. Further with the help of filtration and advanced oxidation process the treated water can be polished to meet reusable standard. The cost of operation is very low compared to any other sewage treatment process.  

Aquarian can be installed in containers for smaller capacity plants. Larger capacity plants can be installed using prefabricated tanks eliminating the civil and structural requirements. Apart from sewage, other industrial water with high biological load can be treated with this process. 

Scale Prevention

Prevention of scale

      Hydro flow forms clusters
        Water is heated
        Cluster provides nucleation site
   Scale forms in suspension

Removal of scale

       Crystal form
        Creates carbon dioxide
        Dissolves existing scale


       Heat transfer improves, saving energy
       Lesser Downtime
       cleaning is less frequent and easier
       Equipment lifespan
       Equipment works better for longer
       Protection for your system without harmful chemicals

      Prevention and Removal of Limescale
       Algae and Bacteria control


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