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Technologies for air reconditioning and treatment.

STP Exhaust Air Treatment


Deodirising Action

Ozone acts on the groups which bear the odors using an oxidizing action due to the atomic oxygen or through the deformation of unstable compounds (ozonoids) which break-up the molecules as they decompose.


With regard to bacteria and viruses, it acts through a catalytic oxidation of the proteins, brutally destroying their structures.


Ozone is present in the upper stratosphere of atmosphere. The chemical formula is O3. It is a pale blue gas with distinctively pungent smell

Ozone for STP Exhaust Air

The problem of bad-smelling odors emanating from sewage treatment plants is turning out to be one of the most serious problems related to the operation of the same, especially when they are located within a residential environment.


The substances responsible for odors in sewage treatment plants are:

     1.Inorganic products,

     2.Highly volatile organic compounds.

Organic compounds containing nitrogen or sulphur atoms (Originating from the anaerobic decomposition of compounds with a greater molecular weight, especially proteins). 


Among the inorganic compounds, ammonia and sulphuric acid are considered being the primary cause when the sewage comes from mainly household origins because of putrefactive phenomena in reducing environments, leading to generation of H2S and other smelling by-products.


1.Ozone decomposes organic pollutants by oxidation, reducing sludge generation.

2.Ozone kills bacteria (including chlorine resistant bacteria), viruses, fungi 3000 times faster than chlorine.

3.Dissolved oxygen level increases in water.

4.Ozone is unstable and degrades over a time ranging from few seconds to 30 minutes depending on the contamination load. It does not form any toxic residue.

5.Ozone can reduce the remaining COD and BOD of a treated water and make it suitable for discharge or reuse.

6.Ozone can kill micro bacterial contamination present in the confined air.

7.Ozone works as an excellent deodorization agent. 

8.Ozone is used for flue gas denitrification. 

9.Ozone can be combined with hydrogen peroxide and UV to enhance the treatment efficiency.

10.Precipitates iron, manganese and heavy metals from the water.

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