Sure Deliver

Business Networks International Inc (BNETAL) is a 100% US owned business, SBA-certified 8(a) and SDB (Small, Disadvantaged Business), and certified SWaM (Small, Women and Minorities Owned Business) in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our products and services are available to US government agencies through GSA IT-70 Schedule.


BNETAL provides Information Technology consulting services and products including but not limited to security consulting, infrastructure development, software project management, software development, and staffing and management support. BNETAL is headquartered in Atlanta GA with offices in Syracuse NY and San Jose CA, and our customers are located throughout the mainland of USA.


BNETAL offers network security expertise and experience in enterprise architecture for both small and mega infrastructures. We provide confident and assured focus on network security. Our expertise is trusted and relied upon in key national infrastructure projects. Our senior management consists of highly credentialed and seasoned security and management experts

BNETAL has full life-cycle enterprise software development and project management experience. BNETAL provides software project management and software engineering consulting for design and development, with focus on network and data security. We have executed many large software projects for Council for Affordable Qualify Healthcare (CAQH), Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Bellsouth, Premiere Technologies, Glenayre Electronics, etc.

BNETAL's licensable software ManageSecure® and SureDeliver® can secure your applications and file/data transfers

suredelivarlogoSureDeliver® is our integrated product for end-to-end encrypted, authenticated, secure, reliable and unattended B2B data transport. Data integrity is important in any data exchange especially when transporting data outside the boundaries of an organization. With SureDeliver® you ensure that data is sent over the wire both securely (with data encryption in addition to SSL encryption and client-server verification) and reliably (one copy; no duplicates).SureDeliver® is HIPAA-compliant and provides utmost security and privacy. SureDeliver® helps you avoid duplicate data/file transfer and duplicate transaction processing. SureDeliver® is out-of-the-box ready to meet your government reporting needs. See for more.